What is a “Habit Journal”?

The Clear Habit Journal is a combination dot grid notebook, daily journal, and habit tracker. The design of the notebook came out of months of research that I did about what makes journals effective and what kinds of measurements and tracking are helpful for building habits.

I’ve tried dozens of other notebooks and methods in the past. The habit journal is designed to resolve many of the common problems that plague other notebooks and journals on the market.

Most regular notebooks are too minimal. They leave it up to you to write page numbers, count dots, draw lines, and establish a structure on your own. And they certainly don’t give you a format or tracker for sticking with your habits.

Meanwhile, most guided notebooks and productivity systems are too structured. They lock you into their format and give you no room for flexibility. You’re forced to answer specific questions or fit your answers into a confined amount of space. If you want to do anything outside the norm or make it your own, the notebook becomes useless.

I was tired of choosing between no flexibility and unlimited flexibility. I needed a journal that gave me the white space I needed to think and the structure I needed to take action. I needed a multipurpose notebook that could allow me to plan out my days, track my habits, keep a gratitude journal, and brainstorm and sketch out new ideas for my business – all without lugging around four or five different notebooks.

So, with the help of Baronfig, I designed one. Baronfig is a New York City-based firm that makes high-quality, premium notebooks. The materials, build-quality, and design they bring to the process are second-to-none. With their help, we created something truly fantastic.

Quick start guide.

Maybe you’re thinking, “This looks awesome and I think I want it… but I’m not quite sure how I would use it.” Have no fear. The first page of each journal contains a Quick Start Guide that explains how to use the various sections of the journal. Additionally, the back of each journal contains 16 pages of “toolkits” that have examples for how to use the various pages effectively.

Easy Index. Quick Journal.

Log your content and easily build a daily journaling habit.

Easy index. A full index gives you two full spreads to log your content. The built-in page numbers make it easy to reference each section and write down the appropriate location in the index.

One Line Per Day. The One Line Per Day section helps you easily build a daily journaling habit. At the top of each One Line Per Day page is space for a journaling prompt.