New Releases Recommended by Readers

The Unhoneymooners

Reader review: “If you are looking for a book that will crack you up with a dash of love story on the side, this book is for you! Olive and Ethan's story is so hysterical! At points I was laughing so hard laying in bed, I was shaking the whole thing! Olive could be me with the amount of luck she has. I can sympathize! I honestly didn't like Ethan in the beginning, but he quickly won me over.

The Daughter’s Tale

Reader review: "Truly one of the most moving and heartbreaking books of the World War II genre. It was so good I couldn't put it down. [...] Beautifully written and memorable characters. Definitely a five-star read for me."

The Bride Test

Reader review: "My goodness! This was such a beautiful, at times heart-wrenching, story. It’s a perfect follow up to The Kiss Quotient — no sophomore slump in sight. As the daughter-in-law of immigrants (and the wife of a man who immigrated as a toddler), I encourage you to read her author’s note at the end. It brought tears to my eyes."

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

Reader review: "This is one of those books that will leave a lasting impression. I absolutely loved the main character, Cussy Mary, with her fierce determination to deliver books even though it came at a great risk to her own safety — in addition to the difficult trails, there was the possibility that she could encounter people who wanted to do her harm because of the color of her skin.

Anna of Kleve, The Princess in the Portrait

Reader review: “This is a well-written partly “what if” story about the life of Anna of Kleve. Ms. Weir has obviously done exhaustive research on her subject and has pulled out trinkets of information about Anna and Henry. We are introduced to the numerous people in Anna's life from courtiers to the maids and those who attended her.

The Last Time I Saw You

Reader review: “I was not able to see any of the twists coming in this book, and the ending left me with a very 'oh sh*t!' type of feeling. I would say even though the two are completely different, if you enjoyed The Last Mrs. Parrish then you should enjoy The Last Time I Saw You as well. This is also a great one to pick up if you are looking for a quick, binge-worthy read.

The Key to Happily Ever After

Reader review: “I absolutely loved this book! Mari, Jane, and Pearl are sisters who run the family full-service wedding shop, Rings and Roses. I absolutely loved these sisters. They are so realistic and I came to know each and every one [of them] personally. This is a fast-paced, well-crafted story from beginning to end.

The Night Window

Reader review: “Dean Koontz is remarkable! This culminating book in the series has been filled with as much nail-biting action and suspense as all the previous ones. Vikram was an especially delightful character to get to know. He was the exact foil that Jane needed to complete her mission.

The Never Game

Reader review: “This new series kicks off with a kidnapping focus and gaming on the sidelines. The hero is a son of a survivalist raised off the grid with mad skills for tracking and logic. A fascinating beginning that will hook you on this series.

My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding

Reader review: “Wendy Wax has written an entertaining, captivating, intriguing, riveting, and enthralling novel. […] I appreciate that Wendy Wax has described the importance of family, friends, loyalty, communication, forgiveness, second chances, love, and hope. Symbolizing many of these things is an exquisite wedding dress that has been in the family for years and worn by family members.

The Night Before

Reader review: “This is a wild ride of a psychological suspense! Several times I thought I had things figured out, only to be proven wrong. That’s the way I like my suspense novels… with enough secrets to keep me guessing until the shocking conclusion. This is a creepy but realistic novel about relationships and damages that may never go away.

The Farm

Reader review: "The Farm is a well-written, diverse story of intrinsic motivations and how and why these drive a person to make one choice over another. I read it as fast as I could.

Red, White and Royal Blue

Reader review: “I do not remember the last time a book made me smile so much. I went into this one because the cute cover caught my eye. Well, thank God! It’s a rom-com. It’s a male/male love story. It's enemies-to-lovers. It’s smart and sweet, and it’s so witty and funny [that] I smiled like a loon the whole way through.